vendredi 15 juin 2012

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Step by step, i take crumbs of life
The lost eyes or the hesitant smiles
Those who linger in the streets
Those who find me

About Anissa , from Los Angeles

The Girl in Red, Coney Island,
 june 2015

A picture is a secret about a secret
A story about a story
A little short Story

The Little Basquiat Girl
Brooklyn, July 2015

"Berlin calling"
 " Man sieht sich immer zweimal im Leben "

The Story is in her Hands
Juillet 2014

La chose importante à savoir est qu 'on ne sait jamais rien.

On tatonne toujours pour trouver son chemin

Diane Arbus

Muse New Yorkaise

The Girl next Door
New york,The 9TH Street Haberdashery
July 2013

Album 'People i met in New York City'

"Touch me with your naked Hands"
A portrait by City
A work on the Hands
A similary Scenery

About Angèii


About Rose, Berlin , june 2016

Sweet Loneliness
Album "EXIT"

"Little Odessa"
Brighton Beach
New York, July 2015

Berlin, Oranienstrasse
June 2016

Jin Ling, 
Kreuzberg, Berlin, June 2016

Untitled, Berlin

Life is Precious

Angélique, Muse New yorkaise, 

Album : "The Apartment on the 1 st Floor" Brooklyn
june 2015

 " Ladies "
Do not think this is a stolen picture...i always ask
But sometimes, i don't know if it's before or after
Berlin, Kreuzberg
Somewhere in a street

New York 
June 2015

Album: "Face(s) of New York

The Cop and the Dog

Album "Berlin Calling"
Juillet 2014


Anissa, Paris

The Writer
New York, bedford St

The two Phones
July 2016

Mauerpark, Berlin
June 2016

Buschwick, NY 

Berlin, july 2016



Riny, Berlin july 2016

About Amadahy,
Berlin, juin 2016

Riny, Berlin, July 2016

"Kinder mit alten Kleidern "

Marion, Berlin

From the other side
Berlin, juin 2016


(Polaroid, Paris, the edge of the Seine)
This Timeless Moment

BERLIN, July 2016

New York 

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These little pebbles all over the place

"Ma vie est un pois perdu parmi des milliers d 'autres pois"
Yayoi Kusama

 Photography is a good wound dressing for a deep wound...My Timeless moment

 "A picture is a secret about a secret
The more it tells you the less you know"
Diane Arbus

Thank you to have seen my little work...Julian

Street portrait photographer

Ma photo
Mon travail est le reflet de mon existence, de mes doutes.. Que le hasard des rencontres guide ma perception . Doubt is so light. He stroke my face. Tirelessly. He believes to guide me. With violence. it stifles me. He loves to smile. My vicious Friend. Julian